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3 Important Steps For Selecting A Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater

More homeowners are making the smart choice to make the transaction to a tankless water heater, and for plenty of great reasons. Although the initial investment is slightly higher than a traditional water heater, the level of improved energy efficiency is what makes up for it. Plus, simply put, most consumers feel that the convenience is well worth the cost.

Which Tankless Water Heater is Right For You?

If this is your first time selecting a tankless system, it make seem a little confusing and overwhelming, so here are a few key steps to get through the process.

The first choice to make is to decide whether you want an electric or gas system. Each has its own pros and cons. Gas, for instance, is faster and more efficient, but also requires special venting. If you opt for a gas fueled tankless water heater, you may want to also select an electronic ignition because it offers even more efficiency. Look for IID or intermittent ignition device.

Size absolutely matters when you are picking out the right tankless system. If you try to save money and go too small, your system will not be equipped to handle the whole house properly. Obviously, a tankless system cannot run out of money. However, it may not be able to work fast enough to generate hot water for multiple fixtures, if you get the wrong size.

Don't forget to check out the warranties, too. Without the presence of a tank to deteriorate, what's the warranty for? This covers reliability and the heat exchanger. This crucial component can generally be covered for anywhere from 5-12 years.

Keep in mind, even though tankless water heating systems are more efficient than traditional systems, you still need to pay attention to the efficiency ratings of each unit you consider. His will help to ensure that you get the right fit for your home and individual needs.

It Starts With Your Plumber

Choose the best plumbing professional, and you will never have to worry about being solo when choosing your tankless water heater. Team up with the finest that Des Moines has to offer, H&H Plumbing Inc., and you will have plenty of assistance making a proper decision.

We want to be able to help take the guess work out of the process, by offering advice as industry experts. Achieving total satisfaction is about more than quality installation work, it is about making sure the customer is happy with their choice in the first place.

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