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Bondurant Sump Pumps: Peace of Mind

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Bondurant Sump PumpsThe story is all too common. You have just invested thousands of dollars to finish your basement. Following a spring storm and power outage, you walk downstairs to discover the horror: your newly remodeled basement is now full of water. The culprit? A failed Bondurant sump pump system that has allowed water to backup and create a nightmare of a mess.

Sump pump failure, whether do to power outage or pump mechanical failure is an extremely common problem for homes in Bondurant, as most of them have a sump pump system to either remove excess foundation water or eject condensate from indoor appliance drains. Given the importance then, of a sump pump system to remove water from the basement, one must consider the prospect of its failure.

Battery Backup Sump Pumps - Easy to Install, Simple to Maintain

Conceptually, these battery backup sump systems are extremely simple. They provide a completely redundant pump, power source and check valve to the existing sump pump system-thereby "backing up" the major causes of a sump failure. The electronic control head of the battery backup system includes an AC power adapter that plugs into the wall, keeping the deep cycle battery topped off with a full charge until it is needed. They also contain a separate float control switch to activate the pump should the water level in the sump pit rise too high. Irrespective of the reason why the sump water backs up (primary sump failure, power outage, check valve failure, or excessive water flow from a storm) the battery backup system will activate and eject the water out of the home instead of flooding the basement.

Backup Sump Pump = Peace of Mind

If your Bondurant home has a sump, odds are it will fail at the most inconvenient time possible. Given that most of the power lines here in the Bondurant area are above ground, we are susceptible to thunderstorm-related power outages. It is during these heavy downpours when a sump system must function to keep the basement dry. Therefore, a battery backup sump pump system is a must for any home that relies on its sump to eject excess foundation water.

Since sump pump failure and water backup is an almost certainty for most homes and most homeowners insurance policies have deductibles in the $500 to $1000 range, installation of a battery backup sump pump by a professional Bondurant plumber makes financial sense. The cost of preventing the problem is usually less than the insurance deductible! Not to mention the peace of mind knowing that your basement and its belongings are protected from water damage.

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